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“The men and women who serve in our armed forces, particularly with the U.S. military’s presence in contingency operations around the world, put their lives on the line every day. For this reason, it is important that the government do all it can to help servicemen and women successfully transition to civilian life after service ends. In the next five years, one million veterans are expected to leave military service. Some of these veterans may face challenges adjusting to civilian life, such as experiencing unemployment, homelessness, and struggles with mental health symptoms. And, transition challenges may be compounded for veterans with disabilities.”
- US General Accounting Office

Transitioning is not simple

“Veterans have a hard time telling their story and hiring managers have a difficult time interpreting it. The results shine a spotlight on the challenges new veterans face when transitioning from the armed forces to civilian employment.”
- Survey by Military Benefit Association, with support from MetLife.

“Frankly, transitioning military members face too many difficulties as they transition to the civilian sector. The ecosystem is too complex and ForwardHeroes is aimed at providing a much simpler, more welcoming, and clearer pathways into civilian employment and entrepreneurship.”
- Marc Asturias, ForwardHeroes

Affinity Groups and Retention Programs

A recent VA workplace study gained insight into practices that improve Veteran retention in the workplace. A critical element to workplace retention was employer support and development of Veteran and military affinity groups.
- US Department of Veterans Affairs

Employers report that the most effective veteran retention programs are ones that emphasize mentoring, career paths and communication, just as they would for non-veterans. In addition, employers noted the need to be aware, respectful and supportive of veterans’ military backgrounds. Sixty-eight percent of employers state that they do not have any veteran retention initiatives in place.
- Monster Veterans Talent Index, May 2014

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Our Vision

ForwardHeroes is focused on catalyzing improvements in the lives of veterans, their families and their employers.  In addition, the founders of ForwardHeroes – like many of us – envision veterans as substantial contributors to the enhancement of American society and the economy. Despite that vision, significant numbers of US veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce experience difficulty finding jobs, dealing with healthcare problems and coping with the resulting stress placed on their families. The totality of existing programs designed to enable our veterans to succeed in their transition to the civilian workforce (non-governmental, government-sponsored, and government run) have not sufficed thus far – and are unlikely to meet current and future needs. ForwardHeroes is a non-profit collaborative effort to help these veterans help themselves and to develop  pathways to success. ForwardHeroes will help veterans as individuals, and as members of families and communities, integrate and benefit from training programs, new self- and mutual-help techniques, mentorship from contemporary career experts, in obtaining industry credentialing and certifications, and in propelling veterans into civilian careers and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Who We Are


mike snyder Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder is a Silicon Valley-based economist with extensive international experience developing and executing science and technology-based initiatives. Snyder is the President and co-founder of the International Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Science, and Technology (IFEST) and a senior advisor to several IT, telecom, ecommerce, chemical, agricultural, and biotechnology startups. He brings to the ForwardHeroes mission over 20 years of senior executive experience leading analytical and project teams for US Government and non-governmental organizations to execute international, scientific, technological, educational, and economic programs.

mark babbitt Mark Babbitt
A serial mentor and entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker and blogger, Babbitt has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Forbes and Under30CEO.com regarding social media's impact on business, career development, internships and higher education’s role in preparing emerging talent for the workforce. He is CEO of YouTern, where emerging talent connects with startups, non-profits and entrepreneur-driven small businesses through high-impact, mentor-based internships. At ForwardHeroes, Babbitt is focused on developing veterans' employability skills and connecting them with opportunities.

marc asturias Marc Asturias
A veteran and distinguished graduate of Air Force programs, Asturias's efforts at Cisco Systems have led to successful training programs for Veterans in collaboration with the White House, Department of Defense, and State agencies, including recently in Michigan. Marc serves on the advisory boards for several organizations and start-ups in the entrepreneurship and technology space. At ForwardHeroes, Asturias is focused on enabling US Veterans to transition successfully into the workforce or embarking on their own start-up ventures, leveraging his 20 years of experience in technology, educational programs, innovation, entrepreneurship, and veterans affairs.

nancy tedeschiNancy Tedeschi
Tedeschi is President and CEO of EyeGo and SnapItScrew, as well as a successful serial inventor and entrepreneur. She advanced her inventions from concept through patents both nationally and internationally, setting up manufacturing, logistics, and retail operations for her products, and she is the holder of over 12 patents globally. Her entrepreneurial experience is key toward driving ForwardHeroes entrepreneurship and innovation programs for veterans.

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